green pool recovery

If your pool is a swamp give us a call. We may be able to recover the pool with chemical treatment or it may be more economical to drain the pool, pressure clean the floor and walls and refill with fresh water and re-balance with chemicals.

Every green pool is different and we are happy to advise. We also need to find out why it has gone green to make sure it does not happen again.


Reasons that a pool can go green
  • Chlorine level in the pool water may be low or zero
  • The filter run time may not be sufficient to effectively clean the water
  • The pool filter may be damaged or compromised
  • Cyanuric acid level may be too high causing difficulty to maintain balanced water.
  • From system failure to general neglect, once a pool is green it can be a nightmare to bring back. We offer a range of treatments to restore clarity to your swimming pool. Call our professional green pool recovery experts, we can assess the condition of your pool and make the decision as to the best and most cost effective way to restore clarity to your swimming pool.
Problem Remediation    

If your pool has gone green there is a good chance something is not quite right with your filtration system.  Swimming pools dont need to be a nightmare and we can offer advice to bring your pool under control.  From automatic chlorination, increasing water circulation and upgrading pumps and filters, there are many options which can tame your beast of a pool.